Syd's Links:  This is my companion site to  It contains beyond-the-ordinary information about Charlie Chaplin, Syd's half-brother, including tours of Charlie sites in LA, London and other places, reviews of Charlie-related events and performances, plus links to my now defunct Charlie Chaplin newsletter (some great back issues are listed there).  Check it out!  This is Association Chaplin's official site.  It contains everything you ever wanted to know about Charlie TODAY, include a calendar of screenings, current books and other merchandise, and a great list of news and events.  This is the Cineteca di Bologna's online Charlie Chaplin archive.  You will be able to bring up at least the titles of pertinent documents to your research, and if there are more than five pages in the document you choose, you will be able to see some actual pages online. Great, great resource.  Lots of Syd stuff here!  This is the British Film Institute's Chaplin site, which includes a list of appropriate films in their collection, including some of Syd's.  It also has a nice tour of CC's London neighborhood on Google Earth and, of course, this is Syd's old neighborhood, too.

Syd Chaplin and the Gray's Connection  This page gives a lot of great information about Syd's career as an Exmouth Training Ship boy.

The Third Banana: My Brother Syd - The Other Chaplin Read Geoff Collins' blog on Syd.


Syd Chaplin Says—“Women are like the breakfast egg—you never know what’s coming to you till you break the shell—some are ‘hard-boiled’—others just plain ‘soft,’ but very often the ‘soft’ ones are deceiving.

 “The state of the modern man’s man is like the States of N.S.W. and Victoria in Australia (If what I’m told is true), forever at war.  When he is with one woman he wants the ‘other.’

 “The man who strikes the happy combination of a woman who can inspire and amuse at the same time is a lucky man indeed and if anyone does so, I’d like them to get in touch with me right away.”

 —from “For and Against: Movie Stars on Marriage,” circa 1926













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