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Welcome to I’m very happy to be launching this page, because it is long overdue and Syd himself would have wondered what took folks so long to realize he needed his own webpage!!  And, if there was a way to make money off of the page, he would have figured that one out, too.

As Syd’s biographer, I am especially pleased to be put Syd Chaplin on the web.  In addition to the usual facets of such pages, I intend to keep everyone posted on my book’s progress  (see Syd's blog) and any Syd-related activities.  Your job, as viewers and visitors to my page, is to keep me posted if you yourself find anything of interest that perhaps I might want to post here.  We’ll look at it as a sort of collaborative project that way. 

My impressions of Syd so far, as I read through his correspondence are that he was an exacting person, often difficult to deal with, critical of others and their shortcomings, but also incredibly loyal—especially to family.  Syd was both highly critical of his more famous brother Charlie and also deeply fearful of being abandoned by him.  He was bitingly funny, well-read, and more than a little cosmopolitan.  And so, like his brother, Syd was a bit hard to pinpoint—difficult to package.  I hope you’ll revisit from time to time and see what else we can find out.


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Check out Syd films on the web or on DVD. recommends MK2/Warner's Charlie Chaplin DVDs, especially those with Syd ("Shoulder Arms," "Pay Day," The Pilgrim," "A Dog's Life")

Also check out "American Slapstick," a"American Slapstick" collection which includes Syd's 1917 film "Submarine Pirate."

Or, check out free Syd on

YouTube - Syd Chaplin - Gussle the Golfer (1914)

YouTube - Syd Chaplin - Gussle's Day of Rest (1915)

YouTube - Charlie and Sydney Chaplin This is a brief clip from the Mutual outtakes, showing Syd instructing John Rand in regards to a particular comic spin.

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